About the Institute of Public Care

The Institute of Public Care was established in 1987 and is part of Oxford Brookes University. As an outstanding university institute we work with our clients to deliver better health and social care outcomes. We use our professional experience and academic rigour to drive improvement and innovation and to generate new learning for the benefit of people, organisations and communities.

We have a team of 40 people who work across the UK and in the Republic of Ireland with central and local government, health organisations, and independent and voluntary sector providers. We work collaboratively with our clients supporting them with:

  • Children's services - we can help you to address the entire continuum of need across children's services as our experience spans early help, child in need, child protection, looked-after-children, care leavers and disabled children
  • Services for adults - we have expert skills in a range of areas including demand management, setting priorities for care and support, measuring progress and strengthening transparency and accountability, as well as understanding how well current services achieve the outcomes that matter 
  • Learning disability services - we help our clients to embed an approach to learning disability commissioning that promotes an “ordinary life”
  • Health sector services - we support NHS providers and stakeholders to co-design and implement efficient, effective, bespoke patient pathways and models of care that promote innovation and productivity
  • Market shaping - we have led thinking on market shaping, and worked extensively with local authorities, providers and national governments on the market shaping task

We have a range of delivery mechanisms including consultancy projects, applied research and evaluation, specialist websites and informatics, the IPC partnership programme, and skills development programmes.