How safe is your data? How good is your cyber security?

Digital technology helps care services spend more time caring. It helps the people we support keep control of their lives and of their care and it helps us to share information safely and appropriately.

But there can be risks – for example how information is kept safe and secure, and what happens if a digital system fails. We can support you to safely achieve the benefits of digital technology, and be assured that you are GDPR compliant.

For over thirty years, the IPC has been working with clients in the care sector to deliver better health and social care outcomes. IPC has been appointed for the second year running to deliver the national adult social care data and cyber security programme, supporting social care providers.

Read our report to see what steps you should take right now to ensure the safety of your data.

The Institute of Public Care (IPC) can help you to:

  • Audit data and cyber security within your organisation
  • Assess your data and cyber security risks
  • Draw up an improvement plan
  • Complete the data protection and security toolkit (DSPT)
  • Ensure your staff receive the right training


So, how can the Data Protection and Security Toolkit (DSPT) help you to stay safe?

The DSPT toolkit is the NHS’s online self-assessment toolkit that all social care providers should complete as they will hold, process or share patients’ personal data. Benefits include

  • ‘Fax-free’ communication with the NHS
  • Potential access to NHS systems to view your clients’ health records
  • NHS contracts require DSPT completion
  • Evidence for CQC Well-led key lines of enquiry
  • Demonstration of your compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR
  • Assurance that you are practising good data security and that personal information is handled and processed correctly 

A data protection and cyber security audit costs £1,500 plus VAT. You will receive a visit from an IPC expert adviser who will look at your current arrangements and work with you to assess your data protection and cyber security risks. Afterwards you will receive a short report with recommendations and key actions, including advice on how to complete the data protection and security toolkit.

Quotes for staff training, multi-site visits or additional DSPT support available on request.

For further information please call Fiona Richardson, Jackie Daru or Nigel Sims on 01856 790312 or email