Looked after children - learning from international approaches

The Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) commissioned IPC to review international evidence on approaches to managing placement provision for looked after children (also known as children in state care or children placed out of home) as part of a major project to consider new approaches to managing placement provision in Wales. The purpose of the project overall is to:

  • Consider how approaches in different countries vary
  • Think about the factors which have influenced these approaches
  • Consider whether there are activities, services, arrangements elsewhere which might be worth exploring further
  • Consider, informed by these examples, whether there are aspects of the Welsh system which warrant further enquiry or testing

IPC identified how commissioning arrangements work in practice in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, USA, England and Scotland. 

The final report is available on the WCPP website https://www.wcpp.org.uk/. Our additional report complements the main report with additional details of the arrangements in the different countries we reviewed. See IPC additional report.

For more information about this work email Keith Moultrie, Director of IPC.