Market Shaping activities are needed across local authorities

The Market Shaping Review IPC undertook for the Department of Health in partnership with the LGA, ADASS and the Care Provider Alliance identifies how market shaping is not an activity undertaken solely by local authority commissioners.  An article prepared for the Department of Health argues that market shaping is a task for the public sector more widely, not just social care commissioners.

The article notes key conclusions from the project, including:

  • The role of social workers in market shaping through their work defining options available to people through assessment and shaping people’s expectations and aspirations, influencing take up of different types of care and support provision;
  • The duty of the whole local authority, including procurement, economic development and planning teams, to promote the efficient and effective operation of the care and support market;
  • The role neighbouring local authorities can have in shaping care and support markets outside their areas.

The article identifies the opportunity Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) can offer to a take a co-ordinated view across health and social care about what the market should look like and how it could best meet outcomes for local communities.

The article can be found here. 

You can find out more about the Market Shaping Project here.