16th IPC Partnership Conference considers ‘Planning for the Future – how to refocus resources with no new money’

Really enjoyed the whole experience: well executed, good balance of listening vs. group work'

'openness and honesty, a safe place to discuss issues'

The January 2017 IPC Partnership Conference invited colleagues from our Partners and Network members to consider how organisations can work collaboratively to refocus money to meet the needs of local populations.

The event was titled ‘Planning for the future: how to refocus resources when there is no new money’.  Over two days participants considered what it takes to build networks across organisations to implement safe and effective care and the shift in relationships between the NHS and local authorities in relation to planning and changing whole systems of care.

As with all IPC member events, the conference was highly participative, providing opportunities for colleagues to share their experiences and to work through key issues in action learning sets and workshops focusing on systems leadership, place-based planning and outcomes-focused redesign.  Issues discussed included barriers to transformation, the importance of collaboration and individual roles in supporting and influencing change.

In addition to the IPC presentations and working sessions, the conference welcomed guest speakers Richard Humphries, Assistant Policy Director at the King’s Fund, and Peter Hay CBE, Strategic Director for People at Birmingham City Council.

'conversations at dinner were really helpful'

The response from participants was overwhelmingly positive, with comments in particular noting how they welcomed the opportunity to discuss work through the day and evening.  Participants particularly welcomed the opportunity to discuss their work in action learning sets.

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