Technology and digital support in the Winter Plan

The government published it’s social care Covid-19 Winter Plan: it lays out clearly and coherently the actions required for central government, local government and NHS and providers. The full plan can be found here. The plan has been welcomed by the sector, particularly the provision of free PPE, the Infection Control Fund, and the appointment of a new Chief Nurse for Adult Social Care.

One aspect of the plan that has been less remarked upon is sharing and use of data and the strengthened role for technology in the sector. There’s some real good news here.

new version of the data security and protection toolkit (DSPT) that’s specifically designed for adult social care providers will launch mid October. The DSPT is a useful guide and self-assessment tool that can help your organisation keep people’s confidential information safe. It can also help a care provider to demonstrate that it meets CQC expectations of good data security practice. IPC helped to design the new version of the DSPT and are working with Digital Social Care on additional guidance and support to enable safe use of technology.

A programme of support for the sector will also start in October. NHSX is funding a national support programme called Better Security, Better Care. This will include resources and assistance to help all adult social care providers register and complete the DSPT.

In the winter plan, all care providers are asked to register with DSPT by 30 September 2020. If you're having trouble registering on the DSPT or missed that deadline, IPC are offering webinars to get you started, including troubleshooting common problems. Book at our events page. 

These are the first in a series of free 'start here' webinars for providers of adult social care. Better data security means better care, and our free webinars will take you through what you need to do to protect your confidential information. No technical knowledge is needed. Find out more about the start here webinars that we will be delivering in October and November:

  • Start here - what you need to know about data security 
  • Start here - the policies and procedures you need for better security
  • Start here - the data protection and cyber security training your staff need
  • Start here - protect your IT systems and devices from cyber threats

In the meantime, Digital Social Care has plenty of information, advice and tools for care providers’ digital needs and runs a helpline. If you have any questions about technology, the Digital Social Care helpline is there to support you: call on 0208 133 3430 (Monday-Friday 9-5) or email for free support.