Meet the team

  • Fiona Richardson

    Fiona Richardson


    Fiona leads the IPC team as director. She is a very experienced consultant who leads applied research and evaluations, service improvement projects and training programmes for national and local government, health organisations, care providers and the voluntary and community sector. Fiona regularly publishes papers, articles and reports, and is a frequent speaker at national conferences and events. Her specific areas of expertise include commissioning, organisational learning and development, and the use of digital technology and data protection in care.

  • Tammy Abarno

    Tammy Abarno


    Tammy is a social work professional with 20 years’ public care sector experience in community and hospital settings, focusing on older adults and mental health in particular.  She also has a background in the care sector and considerable experience of legal counsel for older people.

  • Roomana Ali

    Associate Researcher

    Roomana is a practitioner researcher with ten years of experience working in primary secondary and tertiary care healthcare in Pakistan and Canada and five years of research experience in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta, Canada. She is an excellent listener and communicator, highly sensitive to cultural and social issues, and a confident online interviewer.

  • Vicky Allen

    Vicky Allen

    Associate Consultant

    Vicky has a wide range of management experience working in local authority children’s services departments in Wales having had lead responsibility for strategic services, quality assurance, commissioning, delivery of operational services and safeguarding services.

  • Andrew Backinsell

    Andrew Backinsell

    IT Support Co-ordinator

    Andrew is an IT and video specialist whose work has a strong focus on bespoke software system planning and development, testing, implementation and support.  He has also used his video background to produce multi-media materials for clients.

  • Claire Basden

    Claire Basden

    Associate Consultant

    Claire has a background in nursing with experience that includes hands-on care delivery as well as the management and professional development of community nursing teams. Claire has worked on a wide range of projects across adult health and social care, with a particular focus on service reviews, transformation and redesign.

  • Emma Beal

    Emma Beal

    Office Administrator

    Emma organises our Oxford office. Besides being the first point of contact for clients, she supplies administrative support to IPC consultants and associates as well as co-ordinating conferences and other events throughout the year.

  • John Bolton

    John Bolton

    Visiting Professor

    John works across the UK as a consultant on efficiency and effectiveness within health and social care. He was formerly director of community services at Coventry City Council and strategic finance director at the Department of Health.

  • Lynda Bull

    Lynda Bull

    Associate Consultant

    Lynda is qualified social worker and an experienced local authority senior manager with 34 years’ experience of working in children and adults statutory social care services. She has been an assistant director with prime responsibility for children’s services in a large local authority and has been the corporate director of adult social services in two other authorities. 

  • Katy Burch

    Katy Burch

    Assistant Director

    Katy is part of the IPC management team and leads on applied research and evaluation for the Institute. Formerly a child care lawyer, she has extensive knowledge of children and families services across the UK. Katy has many years’ experience of leading evaluation, review and consultancy support for national government, local authorities and voluntary sector organisations. 

  • Sasha Carter

    Sasha Carter

    Programme Administrator

    Sasha is responsible for providing the comprehensive administration behind our portfolio of accredited training and development programmes. Her role encompasses, for each course, every part of the Oxford Brookes University accreditation process.

  • Jackie Daru

    Jackie Daru

    Principal Consultant

    Jackie has a strong track record in managing a wide range of projects for providers, councils, regional and central government, most recently in particular to support children’s services and in the area of informatics.

  • Gerry Davidson

    Gerry Davidson

    Associate Consultant

    Gerry is a qualified social worker with extensive experience in strategic commissioning, change management, and partnership development. He has a broad range of experience in local authority, NHS and third sector settings.

  • Clare Dodwell

    Clare Dodwell

    Principal Consultant

    Clare has thirty years of experience working in the public and third sectors, including local government and the NHS. Her wide ranging job roles have included frontline work in housing associations, operational management at senior level in children’s services as well as strategic commissioning across children’s, adult’s and public health services.

  • Quentin Edwards

    Quentin Edwards

    Business Manager

    Quentin oversees the Institute's finances, contracts and the administration team. He has a successful track record of managing finance and improving office processes in both large and small organisations.  

  • Jonathan Gardam

    Associate Consultant

    Jonathan has extensive experience and expertise in leading and coordinating high level policy and research analysis, project management, performance management, business development and campaigning activity on behalf of organisations working within the health and social care sector.

  • Colin Green

    Colin Green

    Associate Consultant

    Colin is an experienced former director of children’s services (DCS) and qualified social worker with a special interest in children’s social care and safeguarding. He has an excellent grasp of the broader children’s agenda.  

  • Elise Halford

    Elise Halford

    Finance Administrator

    Elise is responsible for a variety of finance procedures – including sales invoicing and credit control – and the monitoring and reconciliation of university financial reports.

  • John Hedge

    John Hedge

    Knowledge Transfer Fellow

    John has worked on a wide range of social care projects including evaluative work, engagement projects plus capacity building with voluntary community sector organisations.

  • Melanie Henwood

    Associate Consultant

    Dr Melanie Henwood OBE is a health and social care research consultant with considerable experience researching health and social care integration and the interface between services, particularly in areas such as hospital discharge, NHS continuing health care, family carers, and the situation of people who fund their own care.  She has particular interests in qualitative research; understanding people’s experiences and giving a voice to their stories. 

  • David Jobbins

    David Jobbins

    Associate Consultant

    David has over 25 years’ experience working in the NHS at leadership level over a range of portfolios, particularly in change programme leadership, integration, and the commissioning of mental health.

  • Åsa Johnsson Humpries

    Åsa Johnsson Humphries

    Associate Consultant

    Åsa is a social work professional who has occupied a variety of social care roles in both local and central government. She has significant senior management experience in children’s services with a strong track record of staff development and service transformation.

  • Julie Latta

    Julie Latta

    Finance and Systems Administrator

    Julie is a member of our administrative team, supporting both course administration and finance administration. Having previously worked in the NHS and for a local authority, Julie joined IPC in 2011. 

  • Janice Lucas

    Janice Lucas

    Knowledge Transfer Fellow

    Janice combines senior management experience with consultancy skills. Her particular strengths lie in health and social care integration and transformation, culture change, organisational and management development, commissioning, and practical project delivery in complex organisational environments.

  • Graeme McLaren

    Graeme McLaren

    Principal Consultant

    Graeme brings over 20 years’ experience in local and regional government, and in the voluntary and community sectors, to his role at IPC. He is a skilled trainer and facilitator and is committed to working across organisational and service boundaries in pursuit of the best outcomes for citizens.

  • Helen McLindon

    Helen McLindon

    Associate Consultant

    Helen has particular strengths in the field of children’s and maternity commissioning and service provision, including mental health. Helen combines her work at IPC with various roles for local, regional and national NHS. 

  • Mick Mellors

    Mick Mellors

    Associate Consultant

    Mick has worked on a range of consultancy projects for local authorities and the NHS in both England and Wales. He was also the professional social care advisor for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

  • Lesley Meredith

    Lesley Meredith

    Office Administrator

    Lesley organises our Bath office. Besides being the first point of contact for clients, she assists the day-to-day running of the office, lending general administrative support to IPC's team of consultants and associates.

  • Mark Molloy

    Mark Molloy

    Knowledge Transfer Fellow

    Mark is a qualified social worker and has particular expertise in commissioning. Commercially and politically aware, he brings a solid understanding of current legislation plus many years’ experience in senior management positions within children’s services.

  • Keith Moultrie

    Professor Keith Moultrie

    Associate Director

    Keith has many years of experience in leading evaluation, development and implementation projects, and 10 years of health and social care management and practice, including direct work with adults and children. He is a regular speaker at national conferences, and plays advisory roles for governments, national bodies, local authority and NHS partners. His particular interests centre around system leadership, governance, commissioning and service quality.  

  • Kathy O'Mahony

    Associate Consultant

    Kathy is a highly experienced, committed and child focused senior leader with 30 years’ experience of delivering and shaping local authority children’s services, including 8 years at Assistant Director level. She is passionate to make children’s lives better and has had a successful track record of leading services which have achieved that.

  • Philip Provenzano

    Assistant Director

    Philip is part of the IPC management team and leads on consultancy projects for the Institute. He is an experienced manager of complex change programmes and has led a wide range of service re-design projects, often requiring some integration with other organisations. He provides expert, longer-term support relating to health and social care to members of the IPC academic partnership programme.

  • Paul Riley

    Paul Riley

    Associate Consultant

    Paul’s particular strengths lie in strategy development, service review and improvement, value chain design, partnership development and outcomes-based contracting. He has over 30 years’ experience across a range of sectors to improve outcomes, manage commercial risks, and reduce costs.

  • Kumaran Sivanasen

    Associate Researcher

    Kumaran is an experienced healthcare professional with a professional background is in biomedical science and education. He is an excellent communicator with people of all ages and backgrounds, and is fluent in Tamil and English.

  • Viv Taylor

    Vivien Taylor

    Associate Consultant

    Vivien is a qualified social worker and has also worked as a children’s commissioning manager for health, leading on all aspects of children’s services commissioning and joint strategic service planning.

  • Richard Timms

    Richard Timms

    Associate Consultant

    Richard brings over 25 years’ experience of working on a range of projects across the adult social care sector. He has a particular expertise in the design and the delivery of learning materials, organisational development, workforce development and integration strategies.

  • Chris Watson

    Associate Consultant

    Chris has over 20 years' of experience working in the private, public and third sectors including charities, the NHS and local government with a focus upon learning disabilities and autism services and the promotion of self-directed support.

  • Julia Whyard

    Julia Whyard

    Senior Consultant

    Julia brings extensive experience of working in business planning and development roles across the public, voluntary and commercial sectors including an NHS foundation trust, a social sciences institute and a European network of financial advisors.

  • Sally Wilcox

    Sally Wilcox

    Associate Consultant

    Sally has over 25 years of professional experience at a senior level, within the adult services sector. She specialised in the housing sector, where she operationally and strategically led on the management and development of housing and services for older people, the homeless and care leavers.

  • Sue Wise

    Sue Wise

    Associate Consultant

    Sue has over 30 years’ experience of working in a variety of educational settings including management and teaching in mainstream and alternative school settings, university lecturing and consultancy. She has particular strengths in accessing stakeholder perspectives to support service evaluations.