Planning for the future of older people accommodation in Powys


  • adults
  • commissioning
  • efficiencies
  • housing
  • older people
  • Wales

Date: March 2017

Type: Case study

This case study highlights good practice in taking a wider system approach to planning for the future accommodation needs of an ageing population in Powys.

It describes the approach taken by Powys and its partners to developing a comprehensive understanding of the current and future accommodation based needs of its ageing population, drawing together qualitative and quantitative data about its housing and care homes, to inform a system wide strategic approach articulated within a market position statement.

The case study draws out the lessons from this activity and concludes with recommendations for other local authorities as they develop a similar strategic approach.  It includes illustrative pages taken from the March 2017 version of the Powys Market Position Statement: 'Accommodation for an Ageing Population'.