IPC staff sitting with a delegation of academics from China

What we do

The Institute of Public Care is part of Oxford Brookes University. We aim to drive improvement and innovation in care.

We work with central and local government, the NHS and other health organisations, and independent and voluntary sector social care providers, across adults and children's services, typically in areas such as market shaping, patient pathways and integrated systems, demand prediction and management, performance management and service delivery. The IPC offer – who we work with, what we can help with, and how – is summarised in the diagram below:

IPC offer

We have a range of delivery mechanisms and services, dependent on your required outcomes. Take a look at our offer around consultancy, applied research and evaluationinformatics, the IPC partnership programme, and skills development. Email us on ipc@brookes.ac.uk to set up an initial conversation about your challenges and bespoke support for your organisation.