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The art of the possible: enabling good lives and managing demand

Wednesday 2–Thursday 3 May 2018 - Cardiff

Our first Learning Event of 2018 explored how it is possible to enable people to lead good lives within their communities and better manage overall demand and resources.

IPC’s ongoing work on ‘Commissioning for an Ordinary Life’ was used to explore how we can commission for communities and change the behaviour of both individuals and professionals. The aim is to achieve what increasingly feels like the holy grail of social care – enabling good lives and managing demand.

Presentations and discussions were led by IPC colleagues and external speakers to explore:

  • How do we keep people at the centre of their community?
  • How do we harness the needs and aspirations of our communities?
  • How do we commission and market shape for community?
  • What can we do to change behaviours and expectations?
  • How can we evidence that this works and the progress being made?

IPC partners are entitled to free places at this event. To find out how the IPC partnership programme can provide support to help your team or organisation deliver improvements in care please contact Philip Provenzano.