Joint market shaping

Joint working with others on market shaping, whether they be other local authorities, CCGs or Foundation Trusts, can be a sensible approach for both commissioners and the providers operating in that market.


  • Place-based Market Shaping: Co-ordinating health and social care. This paper is for health and social care commissioners looking to work together to develop a co-ordinated or place-based approach to market shaping.  It explores the importance of developing a place-based approach to shaping the health and care market, looking at what this means for health and social care organisations.   It maps the breadth of current relationships between commissioning agencies and examines their relative strengths and weaknesses.
  • Cross-Local Authority and Regional Working in Market Shaping. This paper is for local authority commissioners to help them think through when and how to take a joint approach. The paper explores when a cross local authority or regional approach makes most sense, and what supports successful joint working as well as potential difficulties. Practice examples and case studies (in the Appendix) illustrate some of the approaches which have been taken to address these issues.