Market Position Statements

"Like my business plan, the MPS provides statements of future direction and intentions – but also how commissioners intend to fund and manage the future of social care in the area." (a provider of care and support)

Key to fulfilling local authorities’ market shaping duty effectively will be engagement with care and support providers on the development of a market position statement (MPS). This includes with providers who are not regulated and with providers who do not contract directly with the local authority.

IPC has led the thinking and development of market position statements, delivering the Developing Care Markets for Quality and Choice (DCMQC) programme for the Department of Health. We supported every English local authority with market shaping in advance of the Care Act. The programme formally ended in April 2014 and an evaluation is available. You can download market shaping legacy products, including an example MPS for older people’s services, from our publications.

IPC has developed a range of MPS resources that you can download below.


MPS guidance

This new guidance Market Shaping Review logohighlights good practice in market position statement (MPS) development and aims to help local authorities understand how to use them to best effect in market shaping. It is for local authority commissioners to help them review the quality of their market position statement(s), how they might be used to foster market shaping activity, and the extent to which this is currently happening.


MPS toolkit for Wales

Developing a Market Position Statement: A Commissioner’s Toolkit gives guidance for commissioners of adult and children’s social care in Wales on how to develop an MPS


MPS and housing

Market Position Statements and Housing focuses on how to ensure the development of a range of housing through the use of market position statements 


MPS and children's services

Guidelines for producing an MPS for commissioners of children and young people’s services


To find out more about how we can support you with developing a market position statement, please contact Nic Rattle on 01225 484088 or email