Bespoke training

We can work with you to design and deliver bespoke training to meet your organisation's precise needs. Previous bespoke training programmes have included:

  • A one-day workshop on social value for local authority commissioners. 
  • A leadership development programme for heads of service across Wales commissioned by Social Care Wales. This operates across social care services in Wales to develop strategic leadership skills. It includes facilitated events and visits, expert speakers, individual coaching, reflection and review.
  • The co-design of a learning framework and development programme for managers of Somerset Care - the framework embodied the culture of the 'Somerset Care Manager' and articulated the skills, knowledge, behaviours and expectations for each level of operational management.
  • A programme of bespoke management development and coaching for regional directors of the Care Management Group, which enabled them to gain a Certificate of Credit in Market and Service Development for Providers of Public Care.
  • An in-depth programme for area managers and equivalent staff from MacIntyre, leading to an Advanced Diploma in Leading Care Services. The aim of the programme was to build a consistently competent area management team by developing their leadership and management skills.

Email us on to set up an initial conversation about your specific challenges and a bespoke programme for your organisation.