Managing demand workshops for England and Wales

IPC ran a workshop programme in 2016 on Managing Demand.  A series of workshops were held in England and Wales, presented by Visiting Professor John Bolton and senior IPC consultants.  They offered a response to sector demand and on-going requests for help in this fundamental area.

  • Workshop 1: The case for prevention - This workshop explored the evidence for preventative action in social care and health in the context of recent policy changes, helping participants to develop their understanding of how to develop a preventative strategy.
  • Workshop 2: How can Councils manage demand? - This workshop explored how councils and health partnerships are currently looking to manage demand through better interventions in people’s lives.  It will build on the evidence for prevention and consider different approaches to managing demand by offering better options for people.
  • Workshop 3: New approaches to integration - This workshop explored why integration may not have worked in the past and what the opportunities and threats are for future attempts at integration.  It will introduce a particular approach to integration which focuses on improved outcomes for customers
  • Workshop 4: Commissioning for outcomes - This workshop explored the circumstances when commissioning for outcomes might be the right approach and learn and reflect on the various ways in which councils, health organisations and partnerships have used this approach.
  • Workshop 5: New approaches to performance management - In times of austerity councils will be looking to manage demand, keep costs down and look at the outcomes they are getting for their customers.  The use and purpose of performance management was explored and participants helped to develop a system to assist their councils meet their key objectives for the coming year(s).


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