Market shaping

IPC's expertise - market shaping thought leaders

IPC has led thinking on market shaping, and has worked extensively with local authorities, providers and national governments on the market shaping task. We offer expertise in market analysis and developing market position statements, as well as giving support to commissioners wanting to work more closely with their providers - and vice versa.


Market Shaping Review

IPC undertook a review of market shaping for the Department of Health (DH), the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and the Care Provider Alliance.  The review aimed to help local authorities discharge their market shaping duties by identifying, analysing and Market Shaping Review logodisseminating best practice.  Tools and guidance from this review are indicated by the Market ShaRe logo.

What is Market Shaping? This paper explains what market shaping is, who shapes the market and outlines the building blocks of effective market shaping.


The impact of the Care Act 2014

The Care Act places new duties on local authorities to facilitate and shape a diverse and sustainable market. This has implications for everyone involved, not just local authorities but people with care and support needs, carers, providers and health.

The Act is clear that local authorities have a responsibility to promote the wellbeing of the entire local population, not just those whose care they currently fund. In order to do this, local authorities need to move away from being an influence on the care market solely through their own purchasing decisions, and are now required to shape the market proactively.


Examples of our work

  • The Care Home Market in Wales: Mapping the Sector prepared for the Minister for Health and Social Care in Wales and the Public Policy Institute for Wales (PPIW) this report reviews the resilience of the care home sector in Wales
  • Where the heart is ... a review of the older people's home care market in England gives a picture of the national home care market, some of the challenges it faces and a model for its future development
  • A report for the Care Quality Commission which analysed the main factors affecting stability in the adult social care market
  • Supporting a large provider of housing and related support services to understand whether its current range of services was fit for the future, including research into its main competitors for this client and recommendations for business development
  • An analysis of businesses and skills within the care sector in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly for the Cornwall Development Company to understand current and future demand, availability of services and market opportunities afforded by an ageing population over the next 20 years
  • Conducting a strategic market review for a county council in England, exploring current and future demand and market supply, and developing recommendations to shape the local market in the future
  • An exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of the Children’s Residential Care Market in England


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