Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator Programme

The LGA, in collaboration with NHS Digital, is grant funding digital innovation in social care through the Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerator Programme, which aims to test a new approach to co-funding and collaboration within the sector. LGA supported councils to co-fund and co-design 3 digital innovations,:

  • A people and partnership centred digital approach to the new Liberty Protection Safeguards legislation.
  • A digital approach to multi-agency domiciliary care medicine management.
  • Home assessments virtual reality app enabling people to understand where there may be potential in homes to use aids, equipment or technology enabled care solutions.

The LGA is keen that the programme is independently evaluated and appointed IPC to undertake an evaluation, which will be used to inform future social care digital innovation grant funding strategy by NHS Digital.

If you have any questions about the evaluation, please contact Fiona Richardson, Assistant Director at the Institute of Public Care, on 01865 790312 or