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Get Experience in Applied Research (GEAR)

Move up a GEAR at IPC

Get Experience in Applied Research (GEAR) is an IPC programme for early career researchers and post-graduate students at Oxford Brookes University who are from an ethnically diverse background and have an interest in health and social care.

The GEAR programme offers participants:

  • Free training, for example in undertaking qualitative interviews with vulnerable people; facilitating focus groups; undertaking rapid research reviews; designing online surveys; or analysing quantitative data for consultancy
  • Support to develop an applied research and consultancy CV
  • An opportunity to undertake paid work on one or more applied research or consultancy projects at IPC plus coaching, supervision and other tailed support to do so

There are also opportunities to undertake shared learning and development alongside IPC research and consultancy staff.


I have absolutely loved it. To be given an opportunity to do the taster sessions, to be involved in a paid project. I’m really happy with the whole process. I have felt very supported, provided with lots of tools… It helped, so I wasn’t as nervous as I might have been doing it [interviews]. It’s also really useful for my career progression to be involved. Having that grounding and understanding. It will all help.

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You put me at my ease in the first months… the comms, the training, meeting up to discuss the project. That open communication was what I needed, and the flexibility which allowed me to say yes and be involved in project work [alongside other teaching and research commitments].

I have really enjoyed working in this way where you give guidance and we have a discussion before going into the project work. The project work itself – it’s already on my CV. It adds an extra layer of experience I typically wouldn’t get otherwise and it feeds into the direction I’d like to go in my career.


It was amazing, a really great opportunity. It’s been a privilege to work with IPC. I did some really useful training on undertaking qualitative interviews and then I was offered and completed 3 sets of paid project work for IPC: interviewing vulnerable parents and facilitating focus groups with health and social care managers.

Through the work with IPC, I gained valuable experience in applying research skills. I also got an exposure the UK health and social care system. I was able to talk with lots of patients and service users, also professionals about their experiences. It gave me experience in managing my time and communications with different people. I learned a lot.

I got lots of help from the people I worked with at IPC – they were very helpful and supportive. I have since gained two research roles at Oxford University and a local hospital supporting clinical trials there. The work at IPC really helped my CV.

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Clare Dodwell, Principal Consultant
Clare Dodwell, Principal Consultant

For more information about the GEAR programme contact Clare