Social Care Wales - developing carers' assessment resources for social workers and practitioners

A new range of resources to support social workers and related professionals in Wales to embrace changes in the sector and achieve best practice in carers’ assessments has recently been published, based on work by IPC.

The culture of social care in Wales is changing following the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act, which gives carers living in Wales the same legal rights and entitlements as those they care for and means assessments are carried out to help promote well-being. IPC won a competitive tender from Social Care Wales to research and develop new resources to respond to the change. Social Care Wales is the regulatory and workforce body sponsored by the Welsh Government, whose mission is to make a positive difference to social care in Wales by enabling skills and responding to reform.

 The social work profession in Wales has long been trending towards more of a partnership approach to care and this recent work has been developed to support social workers and related professionals to create a step-change in the culture of their approach and work towards more collaboration with carers’, families and other key stakeholders. The five month project began in October 2018 and the resources, which were provided in English and Welsh, were made available in early 2019.

Commented IPC Consultant and registered social worker, Tammy Abarno, “There is a real national political interest in this work and there has already been interest from the Minister for Health and Social Services in Wales. This project will hopefully build on the current skills of social workers and related professionals and promote the well-being and personal outcomes for carers’ in Wales, which is a key aim of the legislation and policy.”

The new resources include

  • A Training Manual - to help managers run formal training sessions on carers’ assessments.
  • Training Presentation Slides – these support the training manual
  • Practitioner Reflective Workbook –  a workbook of reflective practice for social workers and relevant practitioners to carry out quality carer assessments.
  • Practical Toolkit –  a practical toolkit that provides tools and theories that can be applied by practitioners when working with carers’ to improve assessments.