Messages on the Future of Domiciliary Care Services

older afro caribbean man in conversation with carer

IPC are really pleased to publish a report by our Professor John Bolton and Dr Jane Townson of Somerset Care that offers their thoughts and key messages on the commissioning, design and delivery of outcome based domiciliary care.

We see the publication of this paper as coming at a crucial time in the delivery of care and support to help individuals, where appropriate, at home and in their communities, as the financial challenges in the sector look set to continue into the future. The paper also highlights the importance of delivering outcomes as a key element in our pursuit of managing unintended demand.

John and Jane offer us their own experience and suggestions on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ (i.e. price, supply, demand, service design and innovation) affecting specific considerations, to effectively deliver outcomes. In addition, they describe the importance of transparency and good working relationships between commissioners and providers as being critical in this area.  We hope that you find the paper useful as a series of key messages to share, discuss and consider with colleagues and take your next step to ensuring that the future of domiciliary care, and possibly other types of support, is well and truly outcome focused.

John Bolton has recently commented on the state of domiciliary care services in a recent article in The Guardian.

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