Leaders are made not born

The Leading by Example programme is a forthcoming learning opportunity for heads of service officers operating across social care services in Wales aiming to develop strategic leadership skills. Key elements for participants include:

  • an introductory meeting;
  • three events comprising of action learning sets and expert speakers;
  • leadership visits in small groups to high performing local authorities in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland;
  • coaching sessions for each participant; and
  • final reflection and review of shared learning.

The programme is based on an ‘analysis, peer challenge and learning’ model and offers heads of service across the country the opportunity to:  

  • Reflect in-depth on key strategic leadership issues facing you and your services.
  • Engage with high level and inspirational leaders from organisations such as Welsh Government, Social Care Wales, Care Inspectorate Wales.
  • Learn from practice in a short intensive analysis of good leadership practice in local authorities similar to yours.
  • Build support and challenge networks with your colleagues and contacts across Wales.
  • Develop your own skills in analysis and self-assessment.

If you are interested in joining the new cohort keep an eye on the Social Care Wales Website, or if you would like to know about our work in this area email IPC.