Revolution in health and social care urged in Wales

Professor Keith Moultrie, Director of IPC, has given evidence to the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales. Professor Moultrie was part of the expert panel which produced a report, which calls for a seamless system for Health and Social Care in Wales.

He maintains that while “there are some fantastic services across’s a matter of ensuring that the exceptional best becomes standard.”

According to the review, a  "revolution" is urgently needed in the way health and social care is delivered in Wales and warns, that without "significantly accelerated" change, services which are already unfit for the future, will decline further.

In response to the review, Ministers say a new plan will take the recommendations into account.

The panel proposes 10 recommendations, including: shifting resources away from big hospitals; protecting the wellbeing of those working in health and care and more sophisticated methods of listening to patients and those being cared for.

You can view the evidence session on the Welsh Government TV channel