Interim Report published by Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales

The interim report of the Parliamentary Review of Health and Social Care in Wales has now been published.  IPC Director Professor Keith Moultrie was invited by the Welsh Government to sit on a national panel to review current and future health and social care provision across Wales.

The panel has been tasked with reviewing evidence to identify key issues facing health and social care services in Wales now and over coming years, including pressure on NHS, Welsh Government and local authority budgets, workforce planning, recruitment and retention, and meeting the rising demand for healthcare and public expectations. The review is examining options for the way forward and will make recommendations to the Welsh Government about what the health and care services of the future should look like. 

The review panel is independent, involving leaders, stakeholders and academics with a range of backgrounds.  It has been supported by a wider stakeholder reference group made up of representatives of professional bodies and social service organisations. The review is expected to take around a year to prepare a final report.

Keith brings a wealth of experience to the panel from IPC’s work across Wales: IPC has worked extensively with the Welsh Government, with every Welsh local authority and with the regional groupings which bring together local authorities and health providers.  In addition to comprehensive experience of social care across Wales, IPC has worked with the UK Departments of Health and Education, the Care Quality Commission and the Scottish Joint Improvement Team.

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