Findings from our large scale analysis of outcomes for children in care in Wales

Analysis of outcomes for children and young people 4 to 5 years after a final Care Order.

Published in May 2018, this analysis was commissioned from IPC by the Welsh Government to explore:

  • The placement journeys for children in care in Wales and how these compare with the outcomes aspired to in their Care Plan
  • Factors associated with more positive placement outcomes for children with a Care Order

It provides large scale and in-depth information about children with final Care Orders made in April 2012-March 2013 whose care journeys have been tracked over 4-5 years.

The large scale analysis involved examination of data drawn from existing local authority datasets relating to all (1,076) children and young people with a final Care Order made that year. More in-depth analysis was undertaken in relation to a sub-sample of 79 children from 5 of the 22 Welsh Local Authority areas using data from case file analysis and interviews with 120 Social Workers, Team Managers and Independent Reviewing Officers.  The report is available in our publications pages.