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Embedding Co-Production in Adult Social Care - how do we get to the top of the ladder?

1. Introduction

“Co-production is not just a word, it's not just a concept, it is a meeting of minds coming together to find a shared solution. In practice, it involves people who use services being consulted, included and working together from the start to the end of any project that affects them. When co-production works best, people who use services and carers are valued by organisations as equal partners, can share power and have influence over decisions made.”

TLAP Co-Production Advisory Panel

Co-production describes a way of working, behaviours, a culture and process by which we (i.e., public bodies) share power with people who draw upon care and support, their families, carers and the wider, local community.

Over the years, involving people in the shaping and designing of not only individual care packages, but service design, commissioning decisions and policy, is seen as a fundamental right of local people. Involving people in decisions that will affect them, is the right thing to do.

In addition we have a statutory duty via the Care Act (2014) and the Health and Social Care Act (2012). Recently, the Health and Care Act 2022 gave the English Regulator, Care Quality Commission, a new responsibility to look at how local authorities meet their duties under Part 1 of the Care Act (2014), including how well adult social care is delivering high-quality, person-centred care.

The term co-production is not new and there is a variety of literature, evidence and tools on this topic. As a result, there is also misunderstanding and at times, misuse of the term co-production. We believe the ladder of participation helps define co-production, along with other methodologies for working with, or working for, local people:

But how do we get to the top of the Participation Ladder?

The purpose of this webinar is to give participants an opportunity to hear about our recent work and research in this area. Also to hear from colleagues across England and Wales about how they are working to embed co-production or other working together practices with local people.

We will be joined by Dan, an Expert by Experience from Swindon, and a co-chair of the Swindon Learning Disability Partnership, to offer reflections on influencing decision making in Swindon Borough Council.

2. Attendees

We welcome attendance and participation from our Alumni network colleagues who have an interest in:

  • embedding co-productive or co-design approaches in Adult Social Care
  • as well as those with good practice examples they would like to share with the network.

3. Agenda

  • Introduction and purpose of the webinar
  • What do we mean by co-production, why do we do it, and what are the principles and enablers?
  • Presentation from guest speaker - Experience of being a People and Partnership Lead
  • Presentation from guest speaker - Experience of being an Expert by Experience
  • Facilitated Group Discussions – Sharing practice.

4. Workshop Format

The workshop will be delivered online and will feature a blend of presentations and smaller group discussions to enable participation by all delegates.

5. Date

Tuesday 21st November 2023


Microsoft Teams

6. Bookings

This complimentary and exclusive event is offered to the Alumni of the IPC Certificate in Commissioning and Purchasing for Public Care.

To book a place please click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.