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Individual Service Funds


There is widespread recognition that people should have choice and control over the care and support they need and this was one of the underpinning principles of the Care Act. This brings challenges, in England and Wales, to Local Authorities, CCGs and Health Boards, seeking to balance the need to tailor support to individuals, whilst at the same time making the best use of resources in a period of squeezed public finances.

Individual Service Funds (ISF's) and the NHS equivalent, Third Party Personal Health Budgets, have gained some traction as an enabler of self-directed support. There is evidence that ISF’s create opportunities for innovation and flexible forms of commissioned support and can deliver better outcomes for people, and better value for commissioners.

This workshop will offer an opportunity to hear about how ISFs work and their underpinning principles. Chris Watson, IPC Associate Consultant and Jackie Hendra, Social Care Assessor and experienced ISF practitioner, will lead the workshop. They’ll explore the concept of ISFs, how they are deployed in various contexts and key lessons learned from this approach to date. All supported by insights from early adopters.


This workshop will be relevant for health and social care colleagues who have roles in commissioning and market shaping and who would like to hear from others about the principles and design of ISF's, and have an interest in exploring the potential for using ISF's.


The workshop will cover:

  • Understanding ISF arrangements
  • Key benefits and opportunities arising from ISF's
  • Examples of real ISF's in practice
  • Common concerns, issues and risks that can act as barriers to implementation
  • Approaches to ISF management fees
  • Commissioning ‘top tips’ to support the development of a successful ISF offer

Workshop format:

The workshop will be delivered online and will feature a blend of presentations and smaller group discussions to enable participation by all delegates.


26th May 2022 – 09.30 to 12.30


This workshop is available free and with priority booking to IPC Academic Partnership Members and non-member places are available at £60 inc VAT.

Please complete the booking form here to register and we will confirm bookings by email.

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