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Integrated Care Systems: What is the opportunity for local authorities?

The role of local authorities and their relationship with their strategic partners for effective Integrated Care Systems

29 September 10-12


Strategic managers and senior commissioners from adult and children’s local authority social care, public health, and CCGs.

Aim of the workshop:

Philip Provenzano and David Jobbins will be joined by Fiona Russell, Principal Improvement Advisor, Local Government Association (LGA), Tim Baverstock, Deputy Director – Adult Social Care, Somerset County Council and Maria Heard, Programme Director – Fit for my Future, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group on 29th September in an IPC Academic Partnership workshop.

The aim of the work is to consider in particular, the role of local authorities in Integrated Care System (ICS) arrangements, and what may be the opportunities to serve our local communities most effectively. We do not suggest that we have all the answers but believe that the opportunity to come together and work through the key issues can contribute to your own local discussions to best support your populations.

The workshop gives you an opportunity to:

  • network and discuss issues with colleagues, find out what others are doing and contribute to new thinking about emerging ICS models and approaches
  • hear from expert speakers from the LGA and the Somerset ICS
  • use these perspectives as catalysts for a discussion on the issues, risks and opportunities in your own areas and across local authorities to identify how we can best incorporate learning into our individual thinking and consider whether there is a useful collective agenda to pursue as we move towards full implementation across England


Over the last few years there has been considerable debate over the development and implementation of ICS across England. Whilst there are clearly huge opportunities for the integration of planning, investment and delivery of health and care in local areas, there is no definitive blueprint and much of the detail is for local partnerships to consider and agree.

It is also clear that in many areas there is still a lot to work though about the role of local authorities in ICS and place-based partnership arrangements given that much of the thinking and guidance is focussed on NHS organisations and services that are primarily funded with health resources. The guidance does state that local authorities are key partners at both the system and place level however the form of the partnership is likely to be different in each ICS footprint.

We have invited Fiona Russell to talk through the LGA perspective on ICS development and where they see risks and opportunities, and we have asked Tim Baverstock and Maria Heard from the Somerset ICS to provide their perspective on the ICS journey in their area.

This event is available free and with priority booking to IPC Academic Partnership members. Email to book your place.

Non-member places are available at £50+VAT please register on Eventbrite

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