How to access and join the engagement webinars for the HEIW and SCW Health and Care Workforce Strategy using Adobe Connect

IPC will be running two webinars in April to support HEIW and SCW as they engage with people interested in their work together to develop a health and care workforce strategy for Wales. The two webinars are being run primarly for anyone who is unable to attend one of the engagement workshops being held across Wales in March and April 2019. The two webinars are identical and they will cover the same ground as these workshops. They will take place;

  • Between 11am and 12 noon on Friday 12 April
  • Between 11am and 12 noon on Tuesday 16 April

We hope you will be able to join one of them, and that you you will also send us your views via the complementary survey at

What to do on the day (once you have set up - see below)

You will need to ensure your PC speakers are active / use headphones.  Questions are via text chat, you don't need a camera or mic.

If you're using Chrome, you need to manuually allow flash to run by clicking the site info button and setting Flash to Allow:

How to allow flash

Other modern browsers (Firefox/Safari etc.) will check Flash is up to date and also require permission for it to run.  Please contact your local IT support to set up.


Adobe Connect

Choose to enter as a guest.

Pre-webinar set up instructions

How to access and join the webinar using Adobe Flash or Connect

To access a webinar via the Institute of Public Care (IPC) / Oxford Brookes University online learning platform you need to be running Adobe Flash player v11 or newer  - please check via and test the open Webinar session.

If you don’t have Flash Player you can install the Adobe Connect Add-in (meeting application).

To install Adobe Connect Meeting application

The following instructions are for Windows / Internet Explorer:

Click the Adobe Connect meeting link above and click Run.

A run command that appears at the bottom of the Internet Explorer browser.Next click the Install button

Finally click Exit & restart your browser

Test using the open webinar

To check if you have things up and running on your equipment please restart your browser and click this webinar link - you will see the screen detailed below:

By default you can enter as a guest

Type the name you want to be known as for the webinar e.g. Donald Twain (IPC)

Click Enter room

This will launch the webinar session.  NB if you are using Flash alone, the webinar will connect within your browser.  If you are using Adobe Connect a new window will launch.  If the new window asks to confirm the meeting url please copy and paste into the box.