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Family support pathway for children with disabilities

Paper, guide | October 2012

This paper provides an example family support pathway for children with disabilities in Wales. A clear and effective family support pathway will facilitate access to, and provision of, services and support. It has been produced by IPC as part of a wider piece of work with a local authority, and can be adapted for local use.

The paper begins by stating who the pathway is for and how it has been created. The paper then defines the pathway`s three key elements: Events, Information and the Key worker.

Events The paper explains how this family support pathway is centred around a series of seven key periods of time or events for children with disabilities and their families:

  • Something isn`t as expected (at birth or later on)
  • Diagnosis
  • Early years and starting school
  • Play and leisure time
  • Growing up
  • Becoming an adult
  • Adult life

For each stage, a description is provided of: the people who may be involved, where and when the event would take place, and what can be expected (i.e. what needs to happen) at each event.

The paper explains what kind of information should be given to parents and when it should be made available. The final section outlines the role and aims of the key worker.

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