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Leading Integrated and Collaborative Commissioning

Guide | March 2017

IPC has recently produced a guide on integrated and collaborative commissioning for the National Commissioning Board for Wales. The document is intended to help regional partnership boards, local authorities and local health boards design, develop and implement collaborative commissioning arrangements for health, wellbeing and social care. It includes sections covering:

  • National policy including an overview current relevant policy drivers and suggests that partners need to establish that they have a common understanding of these
  • What is Commissioning including the potential positioning of commissioning functions within local authorities, local health boards and introduces examples of regional commissioning.
  • Key commissioning activities including needs analysis, area plans, statements of intent, commissioning strategies and market position statements, and the relationship between them.
  • Moving towards greater collaboration and integration including characteristics and arrangements for local, joint and regional commissioning, and different levels of joint commissioning.
  • Skills, capabilities and behaviours including the range of commissioning function roles, responsibilities and skills.