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Palliative and End of Life Support in Place-Based Care in Wales

Report | December 2022

Better place-based local care is key to supporting people in their own home and reducing the need for inappropriate hospital, and residential care. It requires community health, care and wellbeing services to be planned, managed and delivered together to meet the needs of the local population, and better shared understanding of community needs and aspirations to drive service improvement.

This report from IPC and Marie Curie considers the importance of high quality palliative and end of life support in place-based care. Based on interviews and focus groups with more than 70 people across Wales, including people with lived experience and professionals working in the field, the report suggests how local partners can work more effectively to incorporate palliative and end of life support into local place-based care. It recommends local, regional and national actions to support them.

Keith Moultrie, Emeritus Professor
Keith Moultrie, Emeritus Professor

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