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Promoting good outcomes for looked after children

Report, case studies | March 2008

This paper is one of a series produced by IPC to support the commissioning of children in need services in Wales, as part of the Better Outcomes for Children in Need Programme. It aims to help commissioners gain understanding of what works in meeting the needs of children and young people who are looked after.

It first explores ways in which looked after children and young people are particularly vulnerable to a range of poor outcomes, and identifies those which should be priority areas for commissioners. It then highlights resilience factors linked with better outcomes for young people in care, and discusses ways in which key workers can promote resilience.

Key messages about designing services for looked after children and young people are outlined, with an emphasis on examining what kinds of placement best meet their the needs, and how to create and promote a choice of quality placements. Examples of innovative good practice case studies are highlighted throughout, with clear messages emerging.

The paper concludes by noting the challenge for commissioners - to apply what is known about the diversity and effectiveness of a range of interventions to the local situation, in order to identify where improvements could be made either by the local authority alone or in partnership with other key agencies.

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