Promoting good outcomes for children in need in the community


  • children and young people
  • commissioning
  • outcomes
  • physical disability
  • substance misuse

Date: March 2008

Type: Report, case studies


This paper is one of a series produced by IPC to support the commissioning of children in need services in Wales, as part of the Better Outcomes for Children in Need Programme. Its aim is to help commissioners gain an understanding of what works in promoting good outcomes for children in need living at home, by providing a summary of what is known about best practice relating to the provision of services for children and young people in need.

It outlines risk factors for children and young people becoming children in need, including parent-related and family-related risk factors. It also outlines factors promoting resilience in children and young people. Key messages about the promotion of resilience are then discussed.

In the light of research and best practice information, the paper considers the overall configuration of services for children in need. It highlights interventions specific to younger children in need, older children and young people in need, as well as those that target specific parental risk factors, and interventions for children and young people with disabilities and their families.


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