Accommodation and care strategy


  • adults
  • housing
  • integration
  • market shaping
  • older people
  • outcomes
  • providers
  • workforce

Date: April 2010

Type: Strategy, market assessment, case studies


This market assessment for a particular charitable sector was used to inform a strategic approach for the sector's funding bodies. It first notes relevant demographic change in Britain – the increase in the number of older people – and the importance of developing effective health and social care within the community. It then discusses demographic change among the population under consideration (seafarers), noting similarities and differences with the population as a whole, and assesses how this is likely to affect their need and influence when it comes to demand for housing, care and support services in future.

Changes in supply of housing and social care across the UK are also discussed, together with other changes in policy currently underway. Issues facing specialist providers are highlighted, leading to an assessment of the upcoming challenges faced by the sector: changing demand, complexity of need, quality of housing, workforce issues and funding.

A way ahead is proposed, offering a vision that sets out four outcomes they seek to deliver for older seafarers in order to prioritise and determine future funding. Suggestions are also made for how to work with providers to achieve this vision and particular elements to consider in order to deliver it.

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