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Regional housing market assessment for the south west

Market assessment, report. Please click the link in the text to download and save a zip folder containing the materials | November 2008

The South West of England has the highest proportion of older people of any English region, a population projected to rise significantly in the next 15-20 years. These five papers – prepared by the Institute of Public Care for the Housing Learning and Improvement Network and the Housing Corporation – comprise a resource pack intended to help the region’s commissioners and providers address the future accommodation needs of older people given increasing pressures on public resources. The pack includes a comprehensive overview of the current regional housing market for older people, detailed examination of good practice in existing projects in the South West, and evidence-based recommendations for future strategy.

The main report paper sets out national and regional policy on meeting older people’s accommodation needs, including the emphasis on personalisation in care, and examines existing research on where and how older people say they want to live. It also provides a detailed demographic study of the region, including those subsets of the older population with particular care needs.

A substantial part of the main report is then given over to a detailed breakdown, authority by authority, of existing supply, including availability of residential care, and sheltered and extra care housing, and noting the marked variations in capacity across the region. An assessment of future funding sources is also provided.

Two further papers provide:

  • a set of ten case studies, demonstrating how some of these housing challenges are currently being met in the region through strategic partnership, reconfiguration of existing services, and development of new services; and
  • a series of strategic and operational actions that key stakeholders are advised to take.

Please download a zip folder with all the materials here.

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