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Tameside POPP - local evaluation report

Report, case studies | June 2009

This report evaluates the Tameside Partnerships for Older People Projects (POPP) programme. It finds evidence of a positive impact on the quality of life and well-being of older people, and a shift away from higher intensity, more costly services.

The report discusses the evolution of the project, which takes the form of a Check and Support service provided by volunteers to people in their own homes, as well as efforts to strengthen user engagement and the provision of grants to expand services.

It finds that both local authority staff and older people themselves repeatedly emphasised the effectiveness of the POPP in engaging older people, including those from BME communities, and that it has played an important role in strengthening the voice of older people in Tameside. Strong success in outreach and promotion and the importance of the market development stage is highlighted. It notes performance indicators on the number of older people receiving intensive home care admissions to residential or nursing care moving in the right direction.

Existing and future project funding is discussed, as well as plans for development. Facilitating factors and challenges are noted and recommendations for future refinements made.

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