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Understanding the self-funding market in social care: a toolkit for commissioners second edition

Report | October 2015

This second edition of IPC`s self-funder toolkit has been produced to help local authorities ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Care Act, helping them understand their self-funder population so that they can facilitate and shape their local care market to meet the needs of the whole population. This new version has been rewritten following the implementation of the Care Act and includes new information on estimating numbers as well as updated case studies.

The role of local authorities in providing and commissioning social care has changed significantly in the light of financial austerity and the changes introduced by the Care Act. Local authorities are required to assess the needs of their whole population, to keep people active and to empower them to make choices about what types of care they receive, regardless of their financial position.

Most local authorities have little knowledge of people who pay for their own care in their area, despite this group accessing a range of services and forming a significant part of the total care market.

Local authorities have important duties with regard to self-funders and must be aware of this group in their local areas. This toolkit can support analysis of self-funders across the country.