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Outcomes: What do we mean, How does it work?

Adult social care commissioners & providers from 21 organisations across the UK came together to explore how to design, commission and implement outcomes-focused social care

Delegates heard first-hand experiences from a range of presenters

Philip Provenzano, IPC Assistant Director,compared the act of developing anoutcome-based specification for the provision of social care support with that of dropping a pebble into a pond – the impact and ripples caused are significant, hence the need to understand and acknowledge the consequences of this type of specification if organisations wish to pursue a successful transition and implementation of this way of working.



Professor John Bolton shared his latest thoughts on “what works”

in the delivery of adult social care provision ahead of his soon to be published paper on the subject.

Commissioners & domiciliary care providers who are working in partnership to prepare (Isle of Wight) and implement (Swindon) an outcome focused approach offered their perspectives on what can be achieved through effective working relationships.

David James, Head of Adult Social Care Policy, Strategy & Intelligence Directorate described CQC’s work developing a Quality Matters framework and discussed with delegates ways in which CQC can better acknowledge outcomes being achieved by providers in current and future inspection processes.

Delegates also had plenty of “thinking time and space” through their own “show and tell” presentations, action learning conversations and impromptu focused discussions. Through these sharing and networking activities, delegates were able to develop action plans and next steps to take on their own challenges and developments for the introduction of outcome-based commissioning and delivery of adult social care services.  Feedback from delegates about the event included:

an oasis of support in a chaotic sea

fabulous & inspiring

The learning opportunities afforded by the Show & Tell presentations, Action Learning Conversations & “chatty café” are excellent and so useful

interactive sessions were thought-provoking and insightful

I found the ideas, tools, techniques gained from the Action Learning conversations really useful and I will take back and implement


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