Adults’ services

Design and development through best practice

At IPC, we help our clients to design and develop services and manage demand. We review services, procedures and individual cases against best practice and research to address gaps in practice and to help you to implement new ways of working.

Our broad expertise

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Our work has included the development of integrated service configuration and commissioning arrangements across health and social care, and the delivery of workshops and toolkits to address specific aspects of the Care Act and Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act. We provide expertise in a range of areas including older people’s services, learning disabilities, and substance misuse services.


Examples of our work

  • A homecare toolkit to support outcomes-focused home care commissioning and provision
  • A self-funder toolkit to help local authorities in England comply with the requirements of the Care Act and shape their local care markets to meet the needs of the whole population
  • A needs analysis for Cwm Taf Health Board to identify future demand for learning disability services over the next decade
  • Work with the senior executive team of a partnership of three local authorities and co-terminus CCG to rescope their integration priorities 
  • Development of an Information, Advice and Guidance toolkit to help local authorities implement and embed the Care Act
  • An independent review into the externalisation of home care in Powys and support to implement a revised commissioning strategy
  • A discussion paper, prepared by Visiting Professor John Bolton, exploring the opportunities and threats for further savings in adult social care
  • A report for the Care Quality Commission which analysed the main factors affecting stability in the adult social care market
  • Review and redesign of out of hospital services/rapid response and intermediate care services
  • A national review of the older people’s home care market in England. Where the heart is.. gives a picture of the home care market, some of the challenges it faces and a model for its future development