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Applied Research and Evaluation

The Power of Evidence-Based Services, Initiatives, and Policies

Driving Change Through Actionable Insights

Services, initiatives, and policies are more impactful when grounded in evidence and sound principles. This means ​that data gathering and analysis are crucial. At the Institute for Public Care (IPC), we work with national bodies, ​central government agencies, independent or voluntary sector organisations, the NHS, and local authorities to ​provide data-driven insights and evidence-based strategies which facilitate practical improvements and effective ​solutions in public care. Our skilled research team specialises in innovative, mixed-method evaluations to provide a ​comprehensive understanding of the effects of your policies and services on individuals' lives.

Our innovative and ethical methods for capturing the voices of care recipients is widely recognised, and we are ​committed to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion in all our work. We recognise that different communities ​have different needs and experiences, and we strive to ensure that our research and evaluation services are ​culturally responsive and sensitive. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to co-produce knowledge and ​solutions that are tailored to the specific context and needs of each project.

Professor Katy Burch, Assistant Director
Professor Katy Burch, Assistant Director

At IPC, we're dedicated to helping you achieve meaningful outcomes in public care. Contact Professor Katy Burch today to learn how our Applied Research and Evaluation services can empower your organisation

Tailored Support for Measurable Outcomes

Policy Development

Our team specialises in developing ​policies that are grounded on thorough ​analysis. By doing so, we ensure that ​these policies are aligned with the needs ​of the community and provide effective ​public care.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging stakeholders and ​communities in decision-making is a ​key aspect of our approach. This helps ​ensure that our initiatives are both ​responsive and effective.

Programme Effectiveness

Our extensive knowledge in evaluating ​public care programmes allows us to ​provide valuable insights into their ​effectiveness. By doing so, we can ​help guide future decision-making and ​resource allocation.

Informed Decision-Making

Our goal is to provide your organisation ​with the data and analysis it needs to ​make informed decisions, which ​ultimately leads to increased public care ​efficiency and impact.


Our independent assessments offer ​impartial insights into the ​performance of policies, programmes, and services, ​ensuring that public care is ​transparent and trustworthy.

Quality Assurance

Consistently monitoring and ​thoroughly evaluating performance ​allows us to identify areas that require ​improvement. This leads to better ​outcomes, improved safety, and a ​higher quality of services.

Continuous Learning

Our organisation strongly advocates ​for a culture of ongoing learning and ​development, to ensure that public ​care services can adapt to changing ​needs and overcome challenges.

Gr​ant Funding

Our research and evaluation findings ​are essential for demonstrating the ​value and impact of your initiatives, ​and are crucial components of any ​grant application or report.

We have many areas of expertise

Older woman looking at something on a smart phone being held by a care worker

Adults and Older People's Services

We focus on the delivery of outcomes that improve the health and well-being of individuals

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Young child being helped to walk

Children's Services

Our expertise covers the full range of services offered to children, young people and their families

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Older person walking down hospital corridor with help

Health Services

We work with NHS providers and commissioners to co-design and implement patient pathways and models of care that promote integration

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Man and son with learning disabilities laughing

Learning Disability Services

We can support you to embed an approach to learning disability that promotes an “ordinary life” through whole sector creative solutions

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Care staff looking at an IT system

Digital and Data

We can support you to safely achieve the benefits of digital technology and to better collect, analyse and present your organisation's data

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