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Leadership development programmes

Leadership and management in health and social care are as critical as the care itself. A poor inspection rating or a high turnover of leaders, or even the appointment of a new leadership team, can mean it’s time to invest in your current and aspiring leaders. We offer bespoke leadership development programmes, tailored to your specific challenges and requirements and as a catalyst for lasting powerful change.

The aim is to build on existing links, increase capability and develop relevant skills and knowledge of team managers, service managers, heads of service or senior leaders to respond effectively to current challenges. The emphasis is on the application of the learning within courses to support cultural change and deliver the organisational vision.

Learning takes place in small groups, and can be complemented by one-to-one coaching: all of which can be delivered online or face to face. It naturally offers intimate and informal opportunities for leaders to discuss hot topics and a key outcome is cross-level management collaboration. We also offer Action Learning Sets which are ‘real-time’ opportunities to address current leadership challenges within a small group using an evidence-based process.

We can offer optional accreditation for those that want formal acknowledgement of their development, such as a Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic and Operational Leadership in Social Care in Wales.

We also offer for Social Care Wales a Postgraduate Certificate in Managing Practice Quality in Social Care to support front-line managers to improve practice quality, manage their team effectively and handle change successfully.

We have been successfully operating programmes such as these for many years. Of course, generic leadership and management training is available, but the benefit of our programmes are that these are unique and tailored experiential workshops that centre on the practical issues of the day, such as a poor inspection or solving specific problems, or possibly creating a strategic plan. Our experienced facilitators combine good practice with sector-specific knowledge to overcome difficulties and support leaders in their development.

Fiona Richardson, Director
Fiona Richardson, Director

To discuss how we can help with your Leadership Development needs, contact Fiona Richardson

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