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Alumni Conference 2022 feedback

Everyone had a brilliant day at IPC’s first Commissioning Alumni Conference, hosted on Monday 28th November at Conference Aston in Birmingham.

The conference, which celebrated 20 years of the IPC Commissioning Course, was attended by 70 commissioning colleagues from across the country. We explored how the roles of commissioners have changed over the years, the current pressures and opportunities, and how commissioning may change in the next 20 years.

We would like to thank all the fantastic speakers that contributed to the event, who covered important topics such as:

  • Providers as Strategic Partners in commissioning
  • Co-production in adult social care
  • Collaborative and integrated commissioning across health and care
  • Outcome and asset-based home care
  • Working to improve the recruitment and retention of care workers

And many more….

Feedback from attendees included:

It was great to meet colleagues & hear about course developments”

“The breakout sessions were small & intimate and provided a real opportunity to learn through peer experience”

“It was interesting to hear about what commissioners are grappling with and how much we are prepared for the future”

“It was good to reach out to members outside of my immediate network, especially those who have really embraced coproduction”

Amy Harmsworth (Consultant with IPC and co-ordinator of the Commissioning Alumni Network) said:

“Wow, what a great day and it was an absolute honour to organise this event on behalf of our new Commissioning Alumni Network.

The conference was well attended, and all the presentations were fantastic, with peers from across the country sharing their learning about commissioning practice. And that's what this network is all about. Developing a community of commissioners (and those in commissioning roles), offering a single place where they can listen to solution focussed and interesting commissioning practice across the country, as well as share information, challenges and ask questions.

It was amazing to see so many colleagues and members of our new Alumni Network get together, face to face. You could see connections being made, and contacts being shared.

This conference is just one of several offers for our Alumni Network, which is complemented by regular online webinars and workshops with particular themes of interest or commissioning practice. We also have the January 2023 launch of our online Forum. So, I’m excited to see this network grow!”