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Regional Action Learning Set Series launch

We are pleased to launch the Regional Action Learning Set Series exclusively for the IPC Commissioning Alumni Network in 2024.

Action Learning Sets are a powerful method for commissioning colleagues to learn from others, and support self-development. The process involves:

  • working on real challenges, using the knowledge and support of a peer group to stimulate new ideas and drive action.

We hope this will create smaller, regional networks that will support meaningful and extensive connections across the network that ultimately become self-running events.

Objectives of Action Learning

We believe the Action Learning Sets will provide Commissioning Alumni Network colleagues with a valuable space to share commissioning issues or challenges they are experiencing with neighbouring colleagues in their region.

Colleagues listening to the challenge will be invited to ask clarifying questions and advice to help unlock potential solutions or actions – not only for the speaker, but also for colleagues around the virtual room.


Initially, the Sets will have a maximum of 15 alumni members and cover 2-3 topics.

Attendees will be asked to provide a brief of a commissioning challenge or topic.


To sign up to the Regional Action Learning Sets, please visit the IPC Alumni Online Forum to book your place!