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Abuse and Wellbeing of Long-Term Care Workers in the COVID-19 Era: Evidence from the UK

Article | August 2022

Agnes Turnpenny (Consultant IPC) Eirini-Christina Saloniki, Grace Collins, Catherine Marchand, Ann-Marie Towers and Shereen Hussein.

The UK long-term care workforce has endured difficult working conditions for many years. During the pandemic, the sector faced unprecedented challenges, which further exacerbated these conditions and brought concerns about workplace abuse and violence. Such experiences can vary by personal and work characteristics, particularly affecting minority ethnic groups. They can subsequently impact workers’ wellbeing and the sector overall. Drawing on the first wave of a UK longitudinal workforce survey, this article examined the impact of COVID-19 on social care workers’ working conditions, general health and wellbeing, and intentions to leave the employer and sector altogether.

Agnes Turnpenny, Consultant
Agnes Turnpenny, Consultant

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