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Assessment and eligibility

Report | March 2015

ADASS South West commissioned the Institute of Public Care to produce a guide to support assessment and eligibility in the context of the Care Act 2014.

This document contains a range of material for assessors and other staff on assessment and eligibility requirements of the Act. It covers the following:

  • Overview of the Act (looking at well-being, general responsibilities and key processes).
  • Overview of assessment and eligibility and related key changes.
  • Exploration of the `must dos` in assessment.
  • Exploration of Care Act changes to the assessment and eligibility process.
  • Resources.

The guide explores the assessment and eligibility pathway and, at each stage, identifies the key issues people will need to consider, decisions that will need to be reached, actions to be taken and what resources need to be in place to support this pathway.

Primary regard is given, throughout the guide, to the implications and impacts on assessors of changes to assessment and eligibility. The guide also looks at implications and impacts for managers and commissioners.

A summary of the implications is shown at the end of each section which is intended to be used as a discussion prompt (Talking Points) for practitioners, managers and commissioners to explore their day-to-day operation and implication of the Act.