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Becoming a dementia-friendly organisation

Report | May 2015

IPC prepared a report for the Guinness Partnership on how it can work to become a dementia friendly organisation.

The research conducted by IPC indicates that there are likely to be more than 1,000 older people living with dementia in Guinness homes or receiving care services provided by Guinness. One third of these are living in general needs housing.

IPC surveyed over 200 Guinness staff, interviewed nearly 20 senior managers and ran a focus group for customers. The research found that Guinness should seek to provide information and support to staff and customers, make services offered more flexible to respond to customers living with dementia and their carers, and provide maintenance and aids and adaptations to support people living with dementia.

Specific actions recommended by customers included prioritising the telecare and assistive technology services provided, tailoring maintenance services to the needs of people with dementia and improving staff awareness and information. The report will be used by Guinness to develop new approaches to people living with dementia, including:

  • Testing a new approach to delivering services for customers living with dementia in a pilot area
  • Involving customers and staff in developing services offered to those living with dementia
  • Identifying where dementia-friendly measures can be integrated into existing systems and training programmes
  • Practical measures, such as making appropriate adjustments when carrying out planned maintenance projects and increasing the range of assistive technology available.