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Developing a commissioning strategy for people with a learning disability

Toolkit, framework | September 2010

This practice guidance is designed as a toolkit to help commissioners in local government and the NHS develop their commissioning strategies for people with a learning disability. Written by the Welsh Assembly Government and supported by the Institute of Public Care, it offers descriptions of commissioning, with particular focus on personalisation and partnership working.

It includes detailed descriptions of IPC's commissioning framework and how to acquire and work with the information required at each stage of the commissioning process. There are chapters on the background context to, and developing, a commissioning strategy, as well on as each of the stages of the commissioning framework - analysis, planning, securing services, and review.

Guidance is also given on planning and developing the necessary workforce, as well as the roles and responsibilities of key staff. There is an extensive appendix with suggested information formats designed to stimulate questions about the information required for commissioning to help with decision making, and pointers to further web-based resources that might be useful.

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