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Digital innovation in adult social care: how we’ve been supporting communities during COVID-19

Report | September 2020

The full report has three parts

Part one: What have we done to support the use of technology for connection, wellbeing and bringing communities closer together?

Part two: What have we learned about the factors which lead to successful digital innovation in adult social care and those that don’t?

Part three: What next if we want to keep up the momentum and sustain new learning, approaches and ways of working?

Part one of the report includes case study examples of digital innovation in adult social care, although it is important to remember that social care is embedded in a wider network of local government functions that enable people to live the lives they want to lead.

For councils, it is hoped that this report is a useful stock take of recent digital activity across local government which can be used to promote and stimulate continued work in this area with local communities.

For national bodies (including the government in collaboration with the LGA, ADASS and partners), this report captures key areas of continued work needed to enable successful and sustainable digital innovation in adult social care.