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Evaluation of Oxfordshire dementia-friendly communities project

| August 2014

IPC undertook a project for the Oxfordshire Dementia Challenge Group to evaluate work to improve the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers in the county through a Dementia Friendly Communities project

The project considered a range of strategies to support people with dementia and their carers in the context of growing numbers of people with dementia in Oxfordshire and an increasing concern to meet the `Dementia Challenge`. The Dementia Friendly Communities Project was funded by the NHS South of England`s Dementia Challenge Fund for a year from April 2013 to the end of March 2014.

Work undertaken in Oxfordshire included a range of engagement exercises and events and in terms of the general intended outcomes it achieved considerable success in raising self-assessed levels of ability and understanding in those taking part. Feedback from those taking part in the Community Learning Groups was overwhelmingly positive.

Overall, the evaluation concluded that the project had been successful in meeting its objectives and contributing to more dementia friendly communities in Oxfordshire, as defined by the interviewees, with greater awareness and understanding of dementia and a more pro-active approach to supporting people with dementia and their carers.