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Evaluation of Positive Choices in Calderdale for care experienced and other vulnerable young parents

Report | November 2020

The Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme aims to test and share effective ways of supporting vulnerable children and young people who need help from children’s social care services. IPC has been heavily involved in the evaluation of the scheme.

This evaluation explores the extent to which and how an innovative ‘Positive Choices’ Programme in Calderdale has supported very vulnerable including care experienced parents to care well for their baby or infant child.

The Positive Choices Programme and this study are important because, beyond having a trusted (and trustworthy) adult involved, not much is yet known about ‘what works’ in terms of the content and timing of effective support specifically for care experienced or otherwise very vulnerable young people who become pregnant. This is so, in spite of the fact that their children are known to be at significantly increased risk of requiring statutory (social work) support and coming into care.