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Follow-on study: Older people who pay for care

Study | January 2012

This report by IPC is a follow-on study to the Putting People First Consortium's publication, People who pay for care: quantitative and qualitative analysis of self-funders in the social care market (2010).

Undertaken on behalf of Think Local Act Personal, it is a more in-depth analysis of the local factors which may influence self-funded and unregulated care. The project explored the extent to which there are local variations in the rate of self-funding across the country related to factors such as affluence, levels of owner occupation, and level of FACS criteria in operation. A second element of the project was the collection of data on self-funded and unregulated care in the home to identify what type of assistance, if any, may be needed to enable the smooth running of this section of the social care market.

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